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From Top Left: Jimmy Walker, Dr. Ara Suppiah, Butch Harmon, JB Holmes, Sean O'Hair, Jimmy Walker and Rickie Fowler at Ryder Cup 2016, Claude Harmon, Brandt Snedeker, Steve Stricker, Ben Crane, Scott Stallings, Gary Woodland, Brooks Koepka


Jimmy Walker

Butch Harmon

Marc has been my physio/trainer/go-to guy since 2009 I believe, we've been at this a long time, he's amazing and I think he's been one of the biggest contributors to my success over the past seven years – he’s kept me in great shape physically, he's really kept me in tip-top shape so that I can go out and perform at my best. The flushes I get after each round every day have just helped me feel my absolute best when I go out and play golf. I can't tell you how much I look forward to getting on the table after the round…before the round… He's been instrumental in me playing my best, being able to practice as hard as I want to, and being able to feel as good as I can feel when I go out and play every day. I love the guy – he would do anything for me and I would do anything for him, and he's just been a huge part of my success and I can't say enough good things about the guy. Don't want to stroke his ego too much but he's been huge so there's my testimony. He's a good dude and I hope he never leaves.

Jimmy Walker, Professional Golfer


What I appreciate most about Marc is his ability to take a unique golf swing like my own and work within the confines of it. Marc has never tried to change my swing or suggested that I'm doing something that I shouldn't be. With his screens and tests and 3-D diagnostics he finds out where my body is working hard to decelerate my swing. He has found the areas of my body that take a beating day in and day out on the PGA tour and he decompresses them so that I can go do it again the next day and the next day again after that. I am thankful Marc lets me on his team, which has produced two wins for me and a Ryder Cup victory in 2016 and I can recommend him to any golfer looking to maintain their form and improve it if that's what they wish to do. Marc is by far the best on tour and more knowledgeable then anyone I've met.

JB Holmes, Professional Golfer


When I first began to see Marc, my body was on a day-by-day basis. I didn't know what was going to show up. After working with him now for two years I can count on my body feeling and performing at its full potential. Marc's knowledge is second to none and he is a big part of why my career has turned around for the better.

Sean O’Hair, Professional Golfer


I have been working with Marc for a year and a half. His expertise and knowledge have helped keep my body fit to play golf at the highest level. Working with Marc before and after each round of golf using techniques such as cupping, needling, stretching, massage, and taping have allowed me to maintain my form and compete on weeks where I was not necessarily in my best form. This year at the PGA Championship, I considered withdrawing due to a sprained ankle. With Marc's help, I was able to tee it up and have a chance to win on the back 9 on Sunday. I would recommend Marc to anyone who gets the opportunity.

Brooks Koepka, Professional Golfer


I started working with Marc just over a year ago and couldn't be happier with the work he has done.  Coming off of missing time every year of my career with numerous injuries from hips, to rib issues, to back problems, Marc has kept me on the course and out of doctors’ offices for the first time in my career.  His ability to diagnose and treat problems before they become major issues is a true talent and has allowed me to play and practice more than I ever have in my career.  Marc has become one of the most valuable people on my team and I couldn't have had the year I had this year without him.  There were numerous times this year when I felt as if my body wasn't going to allow me to play and Marc was not only able to get me on the course, but able to do so without any restrictions.  That ability to alleviate muscle issues and teach me preventative techniques to help my body recover is truly remarkable.  Simply put, he is one of a kind and someone I trust completely with my most important asset, my body.

Brandt Snedeker, Professional Golfer


Hi I'm Butch Harmon and I want to talk to you about Marc Wahl. He is one of the most trusted trainers on the PGA tour. He is a man that has worked with numerous of my own players and he really has done a wonderful job with PGA champion Jimmy Walker. I have had back problems forever and whenever I am out on tour and have a problem, Marc is the guy I go to. The thing that has helped me the most is cupping. I didn't even know what it was until Marc started using it. It is a very interesting process that has really helped my back. As I said, he is one of the most trusted trainers on the tour. He is the guy that I trust with my body, my players bodies, and if you ever have the chance to work with him, I guarantee his knowledge of the human body will make you feel better.

Butch Harmon, Swing Coach


“Professionally, I think Marc Wahl is, for the players that I work with, such a vital member of their team. This has never been more so evident than at the PGA championship this year (in 2016) with Brooks Koepka who told me he couldn’t even play the golf tournament, let alone have a chance to win on Sunday. When we got there on Monday, the work that Marc did to get Brooks ready to play really was unbelievable. If you don’t have somebody like Marc with his expertise on your team, you really are starting at a disadvantage - He keeps all the players he works with in great health and great shape and really is just an unbelievable member of the team, allowing the best players in the world to perform at their best. 

For me personally, I had a back surgery in 2011, a microdiscectomy, and marc has been unbelievable in helping me stay in good health and introducing me to cupping and since then, I’ve seen a dramatic difference in the way that my body works and feels. My quality of life first and foremost, but from a movement standpoint, I am able to do things on the golf course and in the gym that I couldn’t do before I worked with Marc. So, both personally and professionally, My players and I couldn’t do what we do without Marc with his expertise and help.

Claude Harmon III, Swing Coach


Marc Wahl is the first person to creatively use the ancient art of cupping on the PGA Tour for athletic performance enhancement, not just for tissue remodeling. He is the father of contemporary cupping. 
He used it to increase the ROM of my back and hamstrings within minutes. While many can cup, almost nobody uses cupping to augment fascia to accommodate and maintain a new range of motion. Marc does. 
While many can cup, Marc knows when not to. 
While many can cup, Marc continues to innovate ways to maintain tensegrity. 
While many can cup, Marc respects and loves the art. 
That's what separates him from other practitioners. That's what makes him, and keeps him, world class.

Ara Suppiah, MD
Chief Medical Annalyst NBC Sports Golf Channel
Medical advisor for Golf Digest
Founder of Functional Sports Medicine


 “Marc is an outstanding PT, and I’ve had a lot of experience with PT’s. With life on the road as a tour player, it just means so much to keep your body prepared. We just do so much repetitive work and work in general to play at this high level in this world of golf, and Marc does a great job with training and the training aspect of getting ready and also the recovery aspect of it and the nutrition aspect – everything that goes into it. Right now, it is just so important to try to get your edge and not fall behind in order to allow you to compete at the highest level when you need to. So – I highly recommend Marc – he is outstanding in his training and has really helped me with every aspect of life on the road as a tour player and trying to play at a really high level.

Fred Funk, Professional Golfer


I recently asked Marc to look at a shoulder injury, which I was carrying for approximately 4 months. Marc did a very thorough assessment and together we identified possible reasons for my pain and lack of healing & recovery. After identifying the key areas and dysfunctions we started on what I call Marc’s Test-Treat-Retest system. After some Manual therapy (myofascial release and McKenzie mobilizations), Cupping, PNF and Exercise corrections my shoulder was significantly better. I would say ~ 70%. Together, Marc and I discussed the plan going forward and decided on which key patterns of dysfunction to improve and also how to ‘lock-in’ and reinforce the work we did on the shoulder. I’m happy to say that now two weeks later my shoulder is ~ 90% better and I have returned to my exercise and movement practice as before my injury. 

I am very lucky to work alongside a group of very talented and experienced therapists on the PGA Tour. Seeing them work next to you on a regular basis, you forget just how good some of these guys are. Seeing Marc work with one of his clients, Brooks Koepka, at this year’s PGA Championship was a great reminder. Brooks came into the week injured with an ankle injury. Most people (including myself) were very doubtful that Brooks would be able to play. Marc did a fantastic job and got Brooks to play and even compete later in the week, with Brooks ending up finishing at tied for 4th place. It is a great privilege and inspiration working alongside practitioners of this caliber.

Marnus Marais, Physiotherapist on PGA tour


Cupping is a valuable tool that should be used with discretion. Too much of a good thing is not always good. I was having some shoulder problems and had it cupped. My symptoms went away immediately but my ROM in my shoulder almost doubled which sounds good but for a golfer, doubling your shoulder ROM is bad due to unpredictability. On the contrary, I had a hip issue and utilized cupping and it was a game changer. It freed up my hip and allowed me to play pain free all week. Marc Wahl was the therapist that was helping me out with the cupping and was diligent in making sure no stone was left unturned in terms of making me feel better. He's skilled in manual therapy as well and cupping and needling. Marc is thorough and aggressive and gives great peace of mind to his players knowing he will keep them at their best. 

Scott Stallings, Professional Golfer


Marc Wahl came recommended to me by Greg Rose late in 2009. He became an integral part of my team when I had three victories over the following five years. While I have worked with many physical therapists and chiropractors and trainers over the years, Marc stood out in his ability to get me to the tee when I was less than 100%. Certainly there were many tournaments I would not have been able to participate or compete in if it weren’t for Marc’s diligent work using his innovative techniques like dry needling and cupping as well as all his manual skills. One week during the McGladrey Classic tournament in Sea Island Georgia, I felt I was at risk forinjuring myself further and hampering my career and at Marc’s insistence that I would not be injured, I played that week and ultimately won that tournament. I can recommend Marc to any golfer who is currently playing with pain or concerned about injury.

Ben Crane, Professional Golfer


Marc has been instrumental in my rehab process and keeping me on the course through numerous injuries on the PGA Tour. From dealing with significant injuries to the aches and pains of everyday travel, Marc was able to keep me on the course with hands on treatment, dry needling and cupping. He has helped me overcome injuries and compete against the worlds best. 

Gary Woodland, Professional Golfer


Late in 2010, I had severe neck pain and was considering cervical disc replacement surgery. Greg Rose recommended me to consult with Marc Wahl. Marc put together a comprehensive home exercise program and introduced me to a local physical therapist, who I followed through with when I was at home. Subsequently, I begin to work with him over the next four years. I never had neck surgery and my neck never became a source of pain during my swing or caused me to withdraw from a tournament. During my victory at the memorial tournament in 2012, I came in with back pain so severe I withdrew from the Wednesday pro-am. Marc worked hard that week seeing me twice a day and following me on the course to make sure I was able to swing without pain or restriction. I can highly recommend him to anyone suffering from pain on or off the golf course. 

Steve Stricker, Professional Golfer